eLink replaced by Efficy CRM

eLink 2010 was the last updated version of eLink. eLink was taken over by Efficy CRM. We have an easy migration tool for any users who would like to be moved from eLink to Efficy CRM. More info on Efficy on their website here: www.efficy.com.

Please contact us on 01273 358000 for further information.

Thank you.

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eLink 2010 Service Pack 7 just released

Enhancements in Service Pack 7:

  • Company manager, Status field has now the form of a regular dropdown list.
  • Exchange synchronizer, Appointments, Contacts and Tasks deleted in Outlook are now deleted in eLink. 3 checkboxes have been added in “Exchange Synchro Administrator” to enable these features.
  • Notification, ‘Daté du’ label has been turned into ‘RDV le’, increasing readability.

Fixes in Service Pack 7:

  • Outlook AddIn now correctly reads user’s language. The chosen language has to be the same as the windows user’s regional setting and MS-Office.
  • Exchange synchroniser, it now possible to uncheck ‘undone task only’ checkbox.
  • Exchange Synchronizer, tasks were still sychronized even if option ‘Do not synchronize Task’ was unchecked.
  • Query Tool, Live Edit, numeric (with digit) dropdown list are now editable.
  • Publication module, when adding elements to Cart through option ‘selection + validation’, the added elements were not the ones left over after sorting the query result.
  • eConfig, user profile, default securities on managers are now correctly applyed.
  • PDF conversion, after template merging an error could occur during conversion.
  • Publication module, cart elements sorting was wrong. The sort fields were IDCOMPANY, IDCONTACT… instead of Contact Name, Company Name…
  • Publication Manager, it is now possible to generate actions even if contacts have no email.
  • Agenda Web 2, column’s headers are now correctly displayed.
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Video tutorial on setting user rights and privileges on a project

This video shows you how to to create a project with restricted user rights. Why would you want to do this? Perhaps you have some HR records or shareholder reports that you don’t want all your staff to see.

Please click the link below to view a short video of how to set user rights on a project:

eLink setting user rights and privileges on a project video tutorial

This video was recorded on a system using eLink 2010 Service Pack 6 and eLink Trinity templates (ask your account manager for more information).

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eLink 2010 Service Pack 6 just released

Enhancements in Service Pack 6:

  • “eLink Admin Console”, activating or deactivating login/logout log mechanism (file bin/dbstats.mdb) is now possible. An second option allows aotumatic clean up of the log table after a certain number of days.

Fixes in Service Pack 6:

  • during Child DB creation process using MS-SQL Server backend, error “Group with groupid = 1 cannot be deleted” occured. An error during CART table replication could also occur.
  • Graphic errors in Mail edition, Publication logs, Publication mail edition, Todo list, Query results’s LiveEdit popup. Memo field was too small.
  • using pdf conversion option in an Excel merge process could fire “Interface not supported” Exception.
  • eConfig, renaming a lookup table containing simple quotes is now possible.
  • tag <#QUERYRESULTGRID> resulted in “Aug” error when fetching data with tag <#SYSTEMQUERY MAINQUERY=T xxx>.
  • Crystal Report 2008 .NET gateway, error “Failed to load document” occured.
  • LiveEdit screen is no longer positioned at the left of the screen.
  • Task Scheduler service, error could occur (Read of address 00000000) during script execution when using LinkSession.GetAttachment.
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New eLink Client – Regency Worldwide

We’re pleased to welcome Regency Worldwide as a new eLink customer. Regency Worldwide selected eLink for its ability to manage large numbers of contacts, including detailed information on the products they’re interested in, and then use this data to create highly targeted emailshots using our eLink Marketing module.

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eLink 2010 Service Pack 5 just released

New feature in Service Pack 5:

  • New Voice module, including a TAPI gateway.

Fixes in Service Pack 5:

  • Fix: document template, template name is now mandatory for HTML and Crystal Report templates.
  • Fix: eLink notification message, font size is now correctly displayed.
  • Fix: Document attachments, inserting an attachment where the name contains a semicolon ‘;’ resulted in not being able to opened the attachment.
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Video tutorial on how to use eLink webmail

Some of our clients use eLink’s integration with MS Outlook to manage their emails, however others use eLink’s built in webmail option. Please click the link below to view a video of how to use the webmail:

eLink webmail video tutorial

This video was recorded on a system using eLink 2010 and eLink Trinity Webmail templates (ask your account manager for more information).

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Video on how to email merge eLink to Word to Outlook

People don’t do emailshots all that often, so by the time you do it can be difficult to remember the process to do it. As we get asked this a lot, we thought it would make for a good training video. The below link takes you to the video which shows how to query eLink for the contacts you want to target. Then export that list to Excel and save it as a .csv file. Then create your email in Word and merge the contacts with your email and send the emails through Outlook.

Happy mail shotting: videos/elink to word mail merge.htm

This video was recorded on a system using eLink 2010 and MS Office 2007.

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eLink UK have a new and updated website

We’re very pleased to announce that we have a shiny new website. The best thing about this is that it combines our previous three websites together. Now you can look here for the Wiki, which is now the Help section, for all the common eLink issues and their solutions. The blog is also part of this main website too.

We are also able to update the site easier now, so look forward to seeing some training and how-to videos on the best bits of eLink. If you have any feedback on the site and any features you would like to see please comment on this article.

Thank you,
Pete Jenkins, Managing Director

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2 hours downtime on advantage.elinkuk server

Our apologies for the downtime on our Advantage server this morning. This is a dedicated server hosted with Webfusion (previously with Xcalibre) and this morning the IP address of the server was unavailable and thus no one could access our server!

Webfusion have this message and apology:

“There was planned maintenance with one of our network providers for the XCalibre range of IP addresses which was not expected to effect the XCalibre customers now with Webfusion. Unfortunately there was an effect which resulted in the IP range hosted location not been published which effected the connectivity to some shared and dedicated systems.

Webfusion and Flexiant have been working to resolve the issue as soon as this started and currently most IP’s are responding correctly. We are continuing to work to resolve the final addresses.

Both Webfusion with XCalibre and Flexiant apologise for this unforeseen downtime.”

We at eLink UK have been updating our twitter status feed http://twitter.com/elinkstatus as the morning went on, but if you feel there is any way we could improve communications please let us know.

Thank you, Pete

Managing Director

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